I would like to believe I am a very observant person and was coming to grasp with the formula for success. I evaluated my previous mistakes but was unaware of where my talents and visions would take me . I determined very quickly that I wanted to be involved in something that I am strongly passionate about. Although, it was an overly saturated market (or so they say), I always liked fashion. The realization that I wanted to start a clothing company was a drastic jump for me personally. I have always been a reserved individual who is quiet, shy and often kept to myself unless I was in my own element. The ability to step out of my comfort zone was a huge transition because I knew in order to be successful I would have to have the courage to take risks and do things that initially I was not comfortable with. It really challenged my character, but as a competitor I was up for the challenge.

Callan Irvine Exeter

CEO, Cosure Clothing Company

Co-Founder, Cosureliving